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The following segment aired on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was the Senior V.P. of Marketing and C.O.O. of New York Life Insurance Company, Chris Blunt.

The Balancing Act LifetimeThese days, most of us are trying to find new ways to be thriftier as we attempt to lower our monthly expenses and budgets.  But not matter how tight our daily lives get, experts are constantly warning us that we still need to stay on top of our financial future.  Chris Blunt from New York Life Insurance Company joins us on The Balancing Act and has some very useful information for us.  According to his research, women particularly are just not doing enough to plan, or should we say protect themselves and their families with life insurance.

Blunt: One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is with Life Insurance.  Unfortunately, many Americans and especially women either do not have life insurance or they don’t have enough life insurance coverage for their families. One-third of all women in the United States are without any life insurance at all.  Independent research shows that most people with life insurance have roughly have the coverage they need.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  That is very frightening.  We actually sent one of our producers that work here at The Balancing Act to find out some reasons why folks just don’t have life insurance.  Here is some of the answers that they gave The Balancing Act:

“I don’t feel that anybody would benefit from it, being that I am single.”

“I’ve not really thought of it to be a terribly important issue at this point in my life.”

“My husband and I have never really been concerned because we don’t have children.”

The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  Chris, after hearing that and also the statistics that your research provided, what signal does this send your industry?

Blunt: To the Life Insurance industry, this means that consumers need to be educated about all that Life Insurance can do for them right now, as well as after your death.  It’s really an educational challenge that we at New York Life Insurance take very seriously. No family should be confronted with decisions like postponing college educations or selling the family home because they failed to have life insurance in place.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  This really is a challenging time for individual investors and I suspect your hearing a cry for help from them as well.

Blunt: Absolutely. Now more than ever, people want guarantees and that obviously plays to New York Life’s Strengths.  Permanent Life Insurance is one of those rare products that is flexible enough to be a source of living benefits as well as protections against the loss of the breadwinners income.  And by living benefits, what I mean by that is that permanent Life Insurance, good-ol’ ‘Whole Life’ for example, can be a good source of emergency cash for tuition payments, mortgage payments and any immediate needs that you might find yourself needing.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  Please explain to me and The Balancing Act viewers how Permanent Life Insurance works.

Blunt: There are two basic types of Life Insurance and the best analogy I’ve found is actually, housing.  Term Insurance is analogous to renting your insurance Whereas Permanent Insurance allows one to own their coverage outright.  But there is a cost to Permanent Life Insurance.  In that they premiums are higher than they would be for Term, because you are actually locking in your premium for life. Term Insurance premiums are lower because the payment is only for a set period of time.  Permanent Insurance however builds cash value, whereas term insurance does not.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  You’re asking people to invest their money at a time when consumers are really nervous, and with good reason.  What peace of mind do they have that their hard-earned money is safe and secure?

Blunt: New York Life has earned the triple-A rating from all four major rating agencies. That gives consumers comfort that their money is safe.  In fact, not many banks out there can claim to have the high ratings like we do. New Your Life has billions more in capital than is required to maintain out triple-A rating.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  What other advice would you give women who are considering buying Life Insurance for themselves or their families?

Blunt: Whether they’re the primary breadwinner or a stay-at-home mom, a professional agent from New York Life can assist you with your Life Insurance needs.  We believe our agents are the best trained in the industry at customizing Life Insurance products depending on the need of the consumer and their budget.

The Balancing Act Lifetime:  when times are tough, you have a product that you can turn to for cash, even though that will, of course, reduce your death benefit. And I think we really sorted some fact from fiction here when it comes to Life Insurance protection, and I know the advice will definitely help The Balancing Act viewers find some peace of mind in these tough economic times.

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