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The Balancing Act® Shares Information on How Women Can Achieve Natural Beauty

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Putting an emphasis on women’s health, The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television recently welcomed Entia Biosciences and Reshma Femme for an episode that aired on Thursday, January 28. The program’s hosts enjoyed spending time learning more about natural beauty from two major names in the health and beauty field.

Q: Who were the special guests for this particular episode?

The Balancing Act: Entia Biosciences CEO, Dr. Marvin Hausman, was also invited to appear to speak about the vital role of bio-nutrients and antioxidants in the skin’s appearance and overall health. These basic building blocks of the body can lead the way to more beautiful hair and skin.

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The Balancing Act® Brings Together Leading Names in Auto Insurance, Nutrition for New Episode

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The Balancing Act

On Thursday, January 30, The Balancing Act aired a refreshingly diverse episode featuring information on auto insurance, nutritional supplements and recipe ideas.

Q: How did this segment on auto insurance assist your viewers?

The Balancing Act: Even for the savviest shopper, car insurance can

be a difficult thing to understand. So many options and discounts are available on today’s market. Acceptance Insurance representative Juliet Garcia visited the set to present a tutorial on a different kind of auto insurance – “non-standard.”

Q: What exactly does non-standard insurance offer the general public?

The Balancing Act: Essentially, non-standard insurance helps people who have experienced difficulties including bad credit, and may not be fit for more traditional forms of insurance.

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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Sponsors AccuWeather Segments for The Balancing Act®

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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act, which is aired on Lifetime Television, has announced the return of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company as a sponsor for the 2014 season.

Q: What services does State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company offer to clients?

The Balancing Act: State Farm provides financial and insurance services including mutual funds, health insurance and automobile insurance. Founded in 1922,

State Farm is owned by the policyholders. With more than 18,000 agents and more than 65,000 employees, State Farm currently serves about 81 million accounts and policies throughout North America. Every day, these team members offer 100 services and products to the public.

Q: What are the main features of the AccuWeather segments?

The Balancing Act: Our hosts will offer viewers the latest local updates and weather analysis while helping them prepare for the upcoming day. These segments will air throughout the entire year. Given State Farm’s extensive history of service-learning, educational leadership, safety programs and sponsorships, it’s exciting to be involved with such a first-rate organization.

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The Balancing Act® Welcomes Seafood Company Shining Ocean, Inc.

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The Balancing Act Lifetime

Q: What is the overall mission of Shining Ocean, Inc.?

The Balancing Act: Shining Ocean is a widely known producer of sustainable and high-quality seafood. The hosts were invited to present their products during an “Everyday Gourmet” segment scheduled for the first part of 2014.

Q: How has Shining Ocean proven its mettle within the food industry?

The Balancing Act: Founded in 1985, Shining Ocean is a Seattle-based organization that has been a pivotal force in the growth and popularity of surimi seafood in the United States. Surimi seafood like fish sausages and kamaboko

are staples of a regular Japanese diet. Shining Ocean can be found on supermarket shelves nationwide. The company’s one-of-a-kind formulas are served in restaurants and delis.

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The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV Presents ‘Big Game Special’

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The Balancing Act Q: What special guests will be included on the “Big Game Special”?

The Balancing Act: We are proud to announce the guests will include Hall of Fame football player Joe Namath, who won millions of fans around the world as a quarterback for the Super Bowl champion New York Jets.

Q: How does Joe Namath play a role in the episode?

The Balancing Act: Host Julie Moran, a former anchor on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, will treat viewers to favorite recipes, fun facts and a Game Day Playbook to assist fans

in creating the best Big Game Day celebration yet. Joe Namath will be on hand to show support and share memories of his greatest triumph on the gridiron.

Q: When can viewers plan to sit down and watch this episode?

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The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime TV Hosts Braga Fresh Family Farms for Food-Friendly Segment

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The Balancing Act Q: How will Braga Fresh Farms be incorporated into The Balancing Act?

The Balancing Act: Braga Fresh Farms is serving as a special guest during the show’s series, “Everyday Gourmet.” Although the exact date is still unknown, Braga Fresh Family Farms will appear in an episode sometime in 2014.

Q: What information will the company be sharing in this particular segment?

The Balancing Act: A Braga Fresh Farms representative will offer insight and knowledge about some of the most exciting products to hit the market in recent years.

The segment, titled “A Tribute to the American Farmer….From the Earth to the Plate,” will feature the company’s produce product lines. These product lines include Golden State, Fresh ‘n’ Healthy and Josie’s Organics. Families will learn how to incorporate all of these vegetables into delicious meals.

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The Balancing Act Welcomes Sports Authority to Mission Makeover Series

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The Balancing Act Q: What exactly is your Mission Makeover series?

The Balancing Act: Beginning in February 2014, six women will embark upon the adventure of a lifetime, as part of our popular health makeover series. For 13 weeks, these remarkable women have agreed to accept the challenge of attaining better wellness and health.

Q: What is Sports Authority’s involvement with the Makeover Series?

The Balancing Act: They are the show’s sponsor, and in that capacity will fill different roles. In the episode titled, “Getting Equipped for the Journey,”

the entire team will wear shoes and apparel from Sports Authority. The following week, “Game On! Family Fitness Is Fun!” is designed for busy families who need a little shakeup in their daily routines. Finally, sponsored by Sports Authority, “Weekly Stat” segments will update viewers on the weight loss of each team member throughout the course of her journey.

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The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV Hosts Protein Sciences Corporation in December Segments

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The Balancing Act Q: When were Lifetime TV viewers treated to this new segment?

The Balancing Act: Protein Sciences Corporation appeared on December 9 and December 16 as part of National Influenza Immunization Week. The segment, titled “Preventing the Flu,” was one element of the show’s ongoing “Health Matters” series featured in the month of December.

Q: Why did this segment prove relevant to your show’s audience?

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The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV Discusses Iron Deficiency in Upcoming Segment

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The Balancing Act Q: Why has The Balancing Act program decided to concentrate on the subject of iron deficiency?

The Balancing Act: If a viewer is feeling run-down, tired or can’t focus on day-to-day tasks, it may be a sign of iron deficiency anemia, the medical term for a severe lack of iron in the body. So this segment, titled “The Facts About Iron Deficiency with American Regent,” will provide relevant information for all viewers.

Q: How many Americans are affected by iron deficiency anemia?

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The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television Discusses Internet Safety for Children

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In today’s Internet age, kids have a wide range of opportunities for learning, interacting, and even playing. Unfortunately, this environment also means parents must take an active part in their children’s activities. BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act Lifetime TV show has featured special guest Marie Hattar, who is vice president of Cisco’s Network Systems and Security Solutions division. Cisco, an Internet security and networking industry leader, visited BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act Lifetime TV show to discuss simple ways parents keep children safe on the Internet.

“Perhaps the most important concept for young people to grasp is the fact that there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet,” said Hattar while at BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act Lifetime studio.  “They should never share personal information online. It’s important that parents monitor their child’s Internet usage closely.”

While at BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act Lifetime, Hattar suggested parents look over the privacy settings on their children’s social networking accounts, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. But Hattar emphasized on The Balancing Act Lifetime that parents should also check the privacy settings of any apps their children use, including smart phone apps, as well as settings on children’s e-mail accounts and gaming systems.

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